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Internet Access

In a country as technologically advanced as Japan, you might not think that getting online would be a problem – but that’s not always the case. Although internet access is available all over the place, it’s not always easy to make use of if you’re not a resident with a local mobile phone subscription. That’s not to […]

Tazawako and Nyuto Onsen

Lake Tazawa is a beautiful, almost circular, lake in Akita-ken – if you picture the top half of Honshu, from Aomori at the top down to Tokyo, it’s maybe one quarter of the way down. I visited in late 2012. Getting near the lake is easy: use the Akita mini-shinkansen, which if you’re coming from […]

Business Hotels

Where the USA and UK have motels, Japan has the Business Hotel – and they’re far nicer. In just about every city, step out of the JR train station and look around at the nearby tower-style buildings: one will have a blue neon Toyoko Inn sign, and chances are there will be several rivals nearby. If […]