If you fly into a major city such as Tokyo, you could easily pass a couple of weeks without traveling further afield – but there’s a whole, beautiful country out there to explore. Here’s how to get between the cities, and out into 田舎 – the countryside – without breaking the bank on full price travel tickets.


From the super-fast, super-smooth Shinkansen, above, to the tiny rattling ワンマン trains, Japan’s rail network is extensive, easy to use and – if you’re a tourist – amazingly cheap.
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Sometimes it’s better to hit the road – particularly in the more remote areas, where four wheels can take you much further, much faster, than local bus services.
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Domestic Flights

You can get to most major Japanese cities by Shinkansen, but if heading to Hokkaido or Kyushu you might be better off hopping on a domestic flight to Fukuoka, Sapporo, Hakodate or one of the other regional airports.
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