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Trains and the Japan Rail Pass

If you want to visit multiple places in Japan, and do it on a budget, then the trains should be top of your list when it comes to transport. Train travel in Japan is, if you’re used to the European system, mindbendingly fantastic: the trains are staggeringly reliable and so punctual that if your Japanese […]

Cars and Car Rental

Trains will get you a very, very long way, and to most of the country – but sometimes there’s more to see further from the tracks. If you can drive, car hire in Japan isn’t hugely expensive: a tiny kei-car, like the one pictured above, will normally run to around 5,000 yen for a day. You’ll […]

Domestic Flights

Most international flights to Japan serve Tokyo and Osaka, so if you’re heading to Hokkaido or Kyushu (Hokkaido in particular) it might be easier to land in Tokyo then catch a domestic flight. There are dozens of flights each day from Tokyo to Sapporo, for example, and I took one to Hakodate. Most domestic flights leave […]