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There are two types of visitor to Japan: those who’ve never visited an onsen, and those who, having visited one, end up slightly obsessed with visiting more and more of them. Having stumbled into the latter camp on my very first trip, I’d say an onsen (or two, or ten) is an unmissable part of any […]


If you like the occasional cup of coffee, you can probably skip this page. If, like me, you require at least three strong cups of coffee every morning before you’re capable of doing anything even remotely complicated (like walking up stairs, or remembering your phone), you’ll probably want to know where to get a good […]

Internet Access

In a country as technologically advanced as Japan, you might not think that getting online would be a problem – but that’s not always the case. Although internet access is available all over the place, it’s not always easy to make use of if you’re not a resident with a local mobile phone subscription. That’s not to […]