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Ryokan are traditional Japanese inns; the key difference from a hotel (which in Japanese are ホテル – “hoteru”) being that ryokan will have Japanese-style bedrooms: think tatami mats on the floor and futon to sleep on. Ryokan range from the cheapish to the very expensive; at the best you can expect to be served traditional kaiseki meals in […]

Youth Hostels

I’m now the wrong side of 30 years old, and the prospect of staying in a super-cheap dormitory in order to save more money for beer doesn’t appeal quite as much as it did 15 years ago. But, that said, I’ve come across a few excellent youth hostels in the Japanese countryside that I’d recommend […]

Business Hotels

Where the USA and UK have motels, Japan has the Business Hotel – and they’re far nicer. In just about every city, step out of the JR train station and look around at the nearby tower-style buildings: one will have a blue neon Toyoko Inn sign, and chances are there will be several rivals nearby. If […]