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Aso San (via Beppu)

Aso-san is a huge, active volcano roughly in the middle of Kyushu – the biggest in Japan, and one of the biggest in the world. I visited in 2013, traveling there via the nearby onsen resort town of Beppu. Beppu: All about the Onsen I’ll be absolutely honest: if you don’t like onsen, you should skip Beppu […]


Aoshima is a tiny island just off the west coast of Kyushu, south of the city of Miyazaki – and one of the loveliest places I’ve visited in all of Japan. Getting there is a bit of a pain, but if you’re visiting Kagoshima or Beppu, I’d recommend making a detour here.

Kagoshima and Sakurajima

Kagoshima sits right on the south coast of Kyushu, making it, I suppose, the most southerly Japanese city bar those in Okinawa. It’s perhaps most notable for the view out into the bay, which is dominated by Sakurajima – an active volcanic island. I arrived in town early one morning in 2013 to find shopkeepers still busy hosing […]


On the West coast of Kyushu, Kumamoto is one of the islands biggest cities, and you’re likely to pass through it at some point on any trip around the island. It’s worth stopping for at least a day, not least to see its beautiful castle – I visited a few times in late 2013. Kumamoto […]


Shimabara is a smallish town on a peninsular on the West side of Kyushu. You might want to pay it a visit en-route between Nagasaki and Kumamoto – the former is reachable by train, and the latter by ferry. I visited in 2013. To get to Shimabara from Nagasaki, take a JR train to Isahaya, […]


Like Hiroshima, everybody knows of Nagasaki for one reason. And, also like Hiroshima, it’s the home to both an excellent museum documenting the nuclear attack and some moving memorials to the victims. But, away to the South, there’s much more to see besides – if you’re in Kyushu, it’s a city I wouldn’t want to miss.


If you’re flying into Kyushu, or indeed arriving via Shinkansen from Honshu, you’ll most likely turn up in Fukuoka, on the North of the island. It’s a great city to stay in, with a particularly good street food culture – I visited in late 2013. First, a quick word on names. You’ll notice that there’s […]